Legends Untold

I have been lucky enough to be sent a prototype copy of The Illumination of Deepsorrow by the talented team at Inspiring Games. Difficult to tell you how happy this makes me, and having played, I am even happier. IoD is the first major evolution of the Legends Untold system, both streamlining and adding new […]

The Sumos 2021*

You know what the asterisk means. Again. I have played more games this year than 2020, but am still well down on my usual 200+. However, I am back to twenty+ games that were worthy of consideration. I am introducing a new category. A Tainted Sumo is awarded to a game that is very, very […]

Wargamer’s Notebook 67

Duncan  Duncan MacFarlane died recently. He was 73. There is something about a sudden death that makes you think, clearly and urgently, about that person and what they have achieved. I don’t think Duncan will come up short when offering his CV to St. Peter.  For a long, long time Duncan was the main driver of our hobby […]

The Sumos* 2020

You know what the asterisk means. I have played a lot of games this year but they were rarely new releases (mainly Paxii) and almost all were played online. So while I would normally have 20+ physical games on the Sumo shortlist, that was simply not going to happen. As we enter, today, the third […]

Gamer’s Notebook – Imperial Struggle

Imperial StruggleAnanda Gupta and Jason MatthewsGMT Games When games are announced I get nothing more than a mild twinge of excitement. Most don’t even achieve that. If the period, subject and scale are right, I file it away, knowing it will be years before I see it. By then, my tastes might have changed. Nowadays, […]

Gamer’s Notebook

I am a lot of things but never that original. A blog about lockdown gaming puts me at least ten thousandth in line. I have a few things to say and I will keep them short. Lockdown I started by having a break. I didn’t feel like gaming and our local minicon (starting the exact […]

Flake King Corroded Metal

I like rust. Always have. I am one of those weird people that will stop at a corroded sign, gate or pole and take a picture. And frankly, with lockdown, I am grateful for such an innocent hobby. Logically I like to see rust effects in my models, and as you know it is not […]

Weathering Stuff

I have been weathering since 1971 and, any time now, I hope to crack it. There is a serious message in that flippant opening line. Weathering moves on constantly, often driven by new products, techniques and modellers. Frankly, it takes an effort to keep up, and it is not inexpensive. Ironically, with all this support, […]

The Festive Fifty

What follows is a list of my top fifty games of all time. I would like to write a little about each one, but at the moment I don’t have the time. Perhaps over the holidays I will get something done. Why now? 2019 marks the thirtieth anniversary of Sumo magazine, it was a year […]