Gamer’s Notebook

Transition, Consternation and Root


Gamer’s Notebook

Design Paradigm Shifting (and White Lions) It has become clear, following quite a few chats, that the design anomalies I spoke of last time are probably an age thing. Old gits like me have come to expect game designs to build on existing traditions and mechanisms from the boardgame field. Or, be completely radical. If, […]

Gamer’s Notebook Supplemental

Market Issues I normally open these Notebooks with a little personal view on the market. Not only would these insights be subjective and based on insufficient data; they would also be wrong. Helpfully, I can’t really do that anymore because with hundreds of games appearing annually (allowing that a percentage of total output will be […]

Gamer’s Notebook

Cooking for Vegans Never done it. Probably never will, although one friend may yet drift over from vegetarian. But I like to think I would take on board the requirements and make something appropriate.  I do exactly the opposite when choosing games to play.  I just put them on the table and see how it […]


I am aware that I have a reputation for disappearing. This is not one of those cases. I am unpacking boxes in the new flat. A large number of boxes. I missed a week of gaming – that bad. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Meanwhile I have republished How I Paint for […]

My Top Five for 2016

Quite a year. While it is often tough to get down to five top choices, this time it has been very difficult indeed. The endless new releases and, probably, gradually rising standards in design have delivered at least twenty candidates worthy of consideration. The Runners Up I loved Time Stories and then all of a […]